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Designed for the times… 1977 Ford Granada press release
Always post South of the Border photos…
Super Stock Fairlane… 1967
Ninety-Eight Holiday coupe… 1957 Oldsmobile
New Mustang… Ford Exhibit NY World’s FairHappy Birthday Mustang
New York Times Mustang introduction ad… 4/17/64Happy Birthday Mustang
World’s Fair Mustang intro… and Hank the DeuceHappy Birthday Mustang
Horse of a different color… 1969 Mach I advertisementHappy Birthday Mustang
Introduction… Lee and ‘64 1/2  hardtop at the NY World’s FairHappy Birthday Mustang
GT-350… 1968 Shelby Mustang fastbackHappy Birthday Mustang
Hurst Olds H/O 455 convertible “tribute”… and partyat this weekend’s Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach
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