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Greetings from RutVegas...

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Eliminator… 1970 Cougar in Competition Blue (Grabber Blue)
Chrysler showcase… 1964 NY World’s FairMopar Monday
Beep - Beep… 1970 SuperbirdMopar Monday
On the street… ‘69 Road RunnerMopar Monday
Polara… 1960 Dodge hardtopMopar Monday
Quarter a Lap… 21 window tours of Daytona Speedway
Lining up… Top Fuel diggers 1965
(Some pretty famous fuelers in this photo, and gotta love the 58 Oldsmobile wagon)
Skylark… 1954 Buick convertible
In the pits… 1964 Corvette stocker
Buick Skylark Sports Wagon„, 1964 Buick press release photo
C/Prod… Group 44 Triumph TR-6
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